Case Study: Songa Dee

Rig arrival and departure services
PoCF provided agency services for the rig and for various support vessels, pilots were provided and berths / dock organised. All vessels were supported by mooring gangs including the provision of a 50t tow truck to assist with the mooring of the rig. Gangways and an Alimak were supplied for access and egress from the rig. A security cabin with 24 hour guard was installed and security fencing supplied. A seabed survey was organised post the rig visit to ensure that a full clean-up had been undertaken.

Quayside services
PoCF supplied Songa Offshore with fully qualified and competent teams of rigging and slinging specialists, forklift operators, banksmen and lifting appointed personnel throughout the yard stay. 24 personnel worked alongside Songa’s own staff and various venders to support numerous workscopes. Provided qualified joinery support to carry out some of the onboard workscopes. Also provided a substantial amount of equipment including:

  • 100t and 180t crane throughout the stay and 55t, 130t and 500t on as required basis
  • 5t, 12t and 16t forklift throughout the stay and 10t and 15t forklifts as required
  • SPMTs and transport provided as required
  • A range of generators was supplied and both these generators and the rig made use of the bunkering facilities that PoCF is able to offer
  • Pumping equipment for fire suppression and for potable water

Also organised waste disposal and the provision of additional toilets for use on board the rig.

Additional services provided on the service base

  • Messing facilities; at peak this operation provided over 500 meals per day
  • Laundry facility; this supported certain Songa designated vendors (circa 150 personnel)
  • Locker rooms and wash rooms; 288 lockers made available
  • A medical centre was provided and manned 24/7
  • 10,000mof open stage and 1,000mof covered storage made available
  • 1,000mof serviced office accommodation made available including appropriate communication links

Other services provided

  • Accommodation organised for 70 Songa staff throughout the stay
  • Transport to /from accommodation made available
  • Work boats and safety boats provided as and when required

Project Management & Co-ordination 
PoCF supplied Songa with a logistics controller, a project co-ordinator, a document controller and a timekeeper for the duration of the stay; all four worked directly under Songa’s control and to their instruction.